Plants and gardens in words
and pictures.

Here you will find articles and photographs covering many topics of interest to our members.

Our members enjoy nothing more than visiting gardens, looking at plants and talking to fellow enthusiasts about them.

We also enjoy finding out all about plants, where they grow in the wild and how to grow them in our own gardens.

And most of us also like propagating, either by seed, division or cuttings, so that we have plants for our own gardens or to share with other members.


Read about some of our favourite plants and gardens. These articles have been written by members who have a vast knowledge of the plants they grow and enjoy sharing that with others.


Many members like to take photographs of plants and the gardens they visit. Here are galleries of some of the very best images for you to enjoy.


Some of our members travel further afield to see plants and then write about their experiences and the plants and gardens they’ve seen. Here you will find articles about the wider plant world.

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