As part of our Special Spring Meeting at Lenham on Sunday 19 March 2017 we held a photographic competition.

Here are the winning images in each of the six classes.

Click on an image to view full size and to scroll through each class, and F11 for a full screen experience.

Class 1

A close-up of the detail of part of a plant.

For example, stamens, veins in a flower or leaf, markings on a seedpod or stem etc.

Class 2

A close-up of part of a plant.

For example, one or more whole flowers, buds, leaves, stems, seed heads etc.

Class 3

A picture of a whole plant

Class 4

Plants in association.

Two or more plants in the garden, or in the wild, to show an attractive or interesting combination.

Class 5

Garden ornament.

A garden view showing an attractive man-made ornamental feature, such as statuary, urns or pots, seats, garden structures, gates, etc.

Class 6

Life in the garden.

A light-hearted look at people, pets and wildlife in the garden.

Best in Show