Contributed by Ginny Oakes

On May 16, 2018

HPS Kent Top 30 Gallery

To mark the HPS Kent group’s 30th Anniversary in 2018 we asked our members to vote for their personal Top 5 plants. This was not restricted to herbaceous perennials but could encompass the whole range of plants from trees, shrubs, perennials to bulbs and corms. This proved to be a very interesting exercise and quite a challenge. The main remark from our members was how difficult it was to come up with a definitive Top 5 and that it was liable to change daily! The other taxing problem was to think about plants from other seasons of the year and not to focus on the current season when deciding the Top 5.

Once the votes were in a list of the final Top 30 was compiled and we then published the list one at a time on the website with a short description and information. Number 1 was unveiled at our April meeting.

Here is a gallery of all the plants in the Top 30 in one place.


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