Contributed by Ginny Oakes

On March 28, 2016

How are your seeds doing?

With our Spring Meeting and Plant Fair over we are now looking forward to our next meeting when we will welcome Rosy Hardy as our speaker. She is a very well known and respected authority on perennial plants and we’re anticipating a full house. But that’s not all – as usual, our April meeting will also include the Seedling Swap. How are your seeds doing? Hopefully, germination has been good and you’ll have lots of spare seedlings to bring along. See here for full details on how it works. But if you haven’t sown any seed yet it’s certainly not too late for some things. Fast-growing annuals germinate very quickly – sometimes it seems to happen almost overnight! Have a look through any seeds you have to see what you can still sow now. Our Seedling Swap is a great way to try something new. I enjoyed Cistanthe ‘Twinky Pinky’ (worth growing just for the name!) when I took a few seedlings last year and another member had compliments on the bright pink flowers from visitors when she opened her garden. One of our members, who is also a botanical artist, grew Pelargonium quinquelobatum and then painted the flowers and seed heads. We’ve often had vegetable seedlings and tomatoes are always popular, perhaps a variety you haven’t tried before. We sometimes have tree seedlings too – a far cry form the aforementioned annuals, much slower growing and long lasting. Do please join in if you possibly can – the more seedlings we have the better it will be. Here are some images of plants we’ve had seedlings of in the past. I wonder what will turn up this year. Only time will tell!


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