Contributed by Ginny Oakes

On October 31, 2016

Fabulously ferny October meeting

‘All you ever needed to know to get you started growing ferns’ would just about cover the subject of our October meeting last Sunday. But it was so much more than that.   
Our speaker, Jude Lawton, told us a bit about names and the botany of ferns and then showed us just some of the many we can grow in different conditions: dry shade – yes there were lots! – moist shade – where we always imagine ferns must be grown but this is not necessarily so – and rather more boggy situations. She kept us informed and entertained with a very well-planned and slick presentation accompanied by some excellent photographs showing us exactly what she was talking about.
I found it very inspiring and I now plan to take a fresh look at the few ferns I have, add to the collection when I can and give them the attention they deserve. But the very best bit for me was the realization that they can be grown in pots. I have lots and lots of pots but not one contains a fern. Hearing about Jude’s vast collection, many of which are grown in pots, has opened up a whole new world.
This was HPS Kent Group in a nutshell – informative, inspirational and jolly good fun!
There will be a full report in the next newsletter and then on the website. Look out for it!


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