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On May 1, 2019

David Way honoured with a snowdrop

David Way, one of our founding and most distinguished members, died last October. We published an obituary in the Winter 2019 Newsletter, which is reproduced on this website here.

He was a very keen galanthophile so it was a pleasure to see the news in the latest edition of The Hardy Plant Society Galanthus Group Newsletter that he has a new snowdrop named for him. Lyn Miles, Editor of the Galanthus Group Newsletter, and Margaret and David MacLennan, holders of the National Collection, are pleased to have their article reproduced here.


A new naming from the National Collection (Scientific) of Margaret and David MacLennan.

Members of the HPS Snowdrop Group will  be familiar with the erudite contributions of the late David Way to this Newsletter and other publications on many aspects of snowdrop cultivation. David and Anke were early contacts as we sought to build up our National Collection and provided much encouragement and useful advice.  They also generously let us have a number of David’s finds including his now well known ‘Hunton’ series – the elwesii, ‘Hunton Giant’, and two nivalis, ‘Early Bird’ and ‘Early Riser’.

In 2011 David also gave us an unnamed G. elwesii which he described in a letter  as “a large flowered green tipped selection with highly glaucous leaves and a very distinctive appearance.”  In cultivation with us it proved to be a good grower with darkish green/glaucous leaves with an almost prostrate to slightly arching habit and an erect inflorescence of some presence, about 15 cms high.  The substantial single marked flower with 6 – 8 light green lines on the outers was favourably commented on by visitors and we felt that it was distinct enough from other green tipped elwesiis to merit naming.  Anke kindly consented to its being named for David and it has now been registered with the KAVB as Galanthus elwesii ‘David Way’.

It would be difficult to think of a better way to honour David’s memory. Galanthus elwesii ‘David Way’ certainly looks to be a wonderful plant and one that many of us will want to add to our collections one day.

Lyn Miles added, “The snowdrop looks super – David would have approved!”


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