Christmas Party

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On December 20, 2016

members' Christmas Party

Sunday 11 December 2016

Last Sunday we had our now traditional early Christmas celebration. This is a lovely informal occasion where members can relax and enjoy good company and delicious food and talk about plants or anything else that takes their fancy – opera, passports, kitchen catastrophes and chestnuts were just some of the subjects I overheard! And judging by the continuous buzz in the room everyone found lots to chat about.

Members also contributed to a fantastic display of plants that provide interest and beauty in the garden at this time of year. You can see more about them here.


But the highlights each year are the talks and Colin’s quiz

On previous occasions we’ve been to Canada, Vietnam, Cambodia and Arizona but this year we were taken to Yunnan Province in southwest China. Our speaker, Mariejo, hadn’t gone to look at plants, although she had originally been inspired by seeing plants in Edinburgh Botanic Garden that had been brought back from Yunnan by plant hunters such as Frank Kindom Ward and Joseph Rock. She went there to see birds. So, among the images of the landscape and  plants we were treated to pictures of the most amazing birds and stories of her travels. A brilliant talk that was over far too quickly.

After lunch we set our brains to the quiz. It was the usual mix of trivia and erudition – what was the name of the company who used to sell seeds in Woolworths and what are the previous names of the plants that have been renamed Symphyotrichum and Eurybia? (My question was, when are they going to change them back?) Whilst answering all these questions we were also asked to play Happy Families, which involved placing a long list of plants in their correct families. After much head scratching and friendly banter winners were chosen and awarded well-deserved prizes.

Members left with more Christmas spirit than when they arrived

and looking forward to the festive season.

Here’s a gallery with some more photos of the day – and some birds!

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  1. Marieke van Eldik

    It was a lovely party, relaxing and plenty to amuse us in good company. Fantastic lunch buffet!

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