Photographic Show 2019

Photographic Show 2019

photographic show 2019


As part of our Special Spring Meeting at Lenham on Sunday 24 March 2019 we held a photographic competition.

Here are the winning images in each of the six classes.

Click on an image to view full size and to scroll through each class, and F11 for a full screen experience.


Class 1

A close-up of the detail of part of a plant.

For example, stamens, veins in a flower or leaf, markings on a seedpod or stem etc.

Class 2

A close-up of part of a plant.

For example, one or more whole flowers, buds, leaves, stems, seed heads etc.

Class 3

A picture of a whole plant

Class 4

A season in the garden.

A group of two or more plants, or a garden view, that encapsulates a particular season.

Class 5

Garden ornament.

A garden view showing an attractive man-made ornamental feature, such as statuary, urns or pots, seats, garden structures, gates, etc.

Class 6

Garden visitors.

A light-hearted look at the people, animals, birds, insects, even pests, that you have spotted visiting the garden.

Best in Show


Gate at Rousham. Class 5, Virginia Oakes

HPS Kent Top 30 Gallery

HPS Kent Top 30 Gallery

To mark the HPS Kent group’s 30th Anniversary in 2018 we asked our members to vote for their personal Top 5 plants. (more…)

Thenford Gardens and Arboretum

Thenford Gardens and Arboretum

From Shaftesbury in the snow to Thenford on a sunny and spring-like afternoon – the weather could hardly have been more different as we headed for Northamptonshire on our second major snowdrop expedition of the year. (more…)
Lovely friends and more snowdrops

Lovely friends and more snowdrops

We are lucky enough to have friends living near Cambridge who we went to visit last week. They entertained us royally and gave me the opportunity to visit the wonderful winter garden at Anglesey Abbey, which is also famous for it’s snowdrops. Plants all day and good food and company all evening! What more could one want? (more…)