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You need hands!

Carl Thunberg, who travelled in Japan in the late 18th century, gave it the species name palmatum, describing the hand-shaped leaves.

Get some Jack Frost sparkle

Recently there has been an explosion in the number of variegated forms available and members are growing them with great success.

Study in scarlet

It looks wonderful in dappled shade when, in early summer, individual shafts of light pick up the rich red and gold.

Elegant white spires

It repays just that little bit of effort on our part with beautiful, elegant white spires.

Flying the flag

If you don’t already know, which I didn’t, the Blue Ensign is a flag used by . . .

A welcome guest

What makes a welcome guest? Someone who’s good company . . .

An upright american

This plant brings us to Number 24 and takes us to the west coast of the US.

Golden lanterns

She needs a bit of coddling but will repay you well.

A tree for all seasons

Gardeners are always looking for small trees and there are many varieties of sorbus that fill that role

A single vision

I imagine that most of our members have at least one rose in their gardens . . .

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