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A fair maid of february

One of the best; a classic all-rounder; the finest snowdrop; unquestionable constitution; admired by everyone, are some of the qualities of this snowdrop.

Beautiful Betula

I imagine they have the same effect in the garden, catching the winter sunshine

Fair winds from Argentina

The feature which is often mentioned is its airy habit, which makes it a beautiful plant in its own right or a see-through screen.


Suddenly, in the last hot, dusty, worn-out days of summer, the fresh flowers spring from the ground and we know that damper, cooler days are on the way.

The peak of perfection

Individual flower heads are a lovely bright lavender-blue with yellow centres and cover the plant for months from July to October.

‘Some call them also Snowdrops’

Stories, legends and superstitions abound and snowdrops seem to be woven into our culture so it is not surprising that this tiny white flower, which blooms in winter, has made its way into our Top 30.

You need hands!

Carl Thunberg, who travelled in Japan in the late 18th century, gave it the species name palmatum, describing the hand-shaped leaves.

Get some Jack Frost sparkle

Recently there has been an explosion in the number of variegated forms available and members are growing them with great success.

Study in scarlet

It looks wonderful in dappled shade when, in early summer, individual shafts of light pick up the rich red and gold.

Elegant white spires

It repays just that little bit of effort on our part with beautiful, elegant white spires.

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