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Heather Baker

We have recently heard the sad news that fellow member Heather Baker has died.

Photographic Show 2019

See the winning photos in all six classes showing some beautiful images of plants and gardens – and the odd cat!

David Way Obituary

With the passing of David Way the Kent Group has lost one of its founding and most distinguished members.

After the pig how about a wasp?

If you’re already sick of snowdrops, read no further. But if you’re even just a little bit interested and enjoyed hearing about the ‘Gloucester Old Spot’ then read on.

A Sarcococca Selection

I realized I didn’t know where such a strange name originated or, in fact, very much about sarcococcas at all.

A Snowdrop for Every Occasion

2019 is the Year of the Pig and Galanthus nivalis ‘Gloucester Old Spot’ is here to join the celebration.

Pam Hadrill

We heard recently of the death of a past member of Kent Group, Pam Hadrill.

David Way

We have recently heard the sad news that David Way died on 9 October. He was one of our founder members and . . .

A tiny treasure

.And so we come to Number 1. The plant that has been chosen by more members than any other to be in their Top 5 ‘Couldn’t-Do-Without Plants’ is . . .

Sweet daphne

As I walk towards the Winter Garden I detect a slight scent on the air, which makes me catch my breath.

a giant of a grass

After flowering the panicles fade slightly in colour but remain looking great right into the winter when the stems can be cut down.

What about a Rozanne river?

The bowl-shaped flowers are blue to violet-blue, depending on age and exposure to sunlight, with a white centre.

Growing together

It is for these coloured flowers that we grow the plant so might this give us a reason to like the new name?

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