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unusual plants and lovely gardens

After the pig how about a wasp?

If you’re already sick of snowdrops, read no further. But if you’re even just a little bit interested and enjoyed hearing about the ‘Gloucester Old Spot’ then read on.

A Sarcococca Selection

I realized I didn’t know where such a strange name originated or, in fact, very much about sarcococcas at all.

A Snowdrop for Every Occasion

2019 is the Year of the Pig and Galanthus nivalis ‘Gloucester Old Spot’ is here to join the celebration.

Thenford Gardens and Arboretum

From Shaftesbury in the snow to Thenford on a sunny and spring-like afternoon – the weather could hardly have been more different as we headed for Northamptonshire on our second major snowdrop expedition of the year.

Lovely friends and more snowdrops

We are lucky enough to have friends living near Cambridge, which gave me the opportunity to visit the wonderful winter garden at Anglesey Abbey that is also famous for it’s snowdrops.

A Christmas Garden

Members collected together an amazing array of plants in a display at the Christmas Party . . .

My pick of the bunch

Thank you to the members who brought contributions for the display at our last meeting. I have selected two, both grasses, to tell you a little more about.

HPS Galanthus Day 2016

Last weekend Karin, Sue and I went off to the Cotswolds to attend the HPS Galanthus Day…

Some grasses grown from seed

My presentation is called ‘Some grasses grown from seed’. I don’t want to explain how to grow grasses from seed but rather describe a few of my favourites,

After the snowdrops – celandines

Snowdrops, it seems, engender either love or a strange apathy – white blobs to some, to others their subtle variations a source of endless fascination. But when their season draws to a close a new one will begin for the connoisseurs of the lesser celandine

Winter into Spring

Winter turning into spring is one of the most evocative and wonderful times…

Confessions of a snowdrop addict

What non-amorous obsession could possibly lead a gardener to contemplate spending a couple of nights in February at a motel on Junction 5 of the M54?

Trees and shrubs from seed

The second talk given at our first Seedling Swap in April 2006 dealt with the pleasures and principles – and the few pitfalls – of growing trees and shrubs from seed. Jeremy Spon’s infectious enthusiasm comes across in print, just as it did in his talk. 'Trees and...

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