Plants and Gardens

Members' articles about the plants they grow and places they've visited

unusual plants and lovely gardens

A Christmas Garden

Members collected together an amazing array of plants in a display at the Christmas Party . . .

My pick of the bunch

Thank you to the members who brought contributions for the display at our last meeting. I have selected two, both grasses, to tell you a little more about.

HPS Galanthus Day 2016

Last weekend Karin, Sue and I went off to the Cotswolds to attend the HPS Galanthus Day…

Some grasses grown from seed

My presentation is called ‘Some grasses grown from seed’. I don’t want to explain how to grow grasses from seed but rather describe a few of my favourites,

After the snowdrops – celandines

Snowdrops, it seems, engender either love or a strange apathy – white blobs to some, to others their subtle variations a source of endless fascination. But when their season draws to a close a new one will begin for the connoisseurs of the lesser celandine

Winter into Spring

Winter turning into spring is one of the most evocative and wonderful times…

Confessions of a snowdrop addict

What non-amorous obsession could possibly lead a gardener to contemplate spending a couple of nights in February at a motel on Junction 5 of the M54?

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