Beervelde Park Plant Fair

Beervelde Park, Ghent, Belgium
Saturday 7 May 2016

This event is for members only and must be pre-booked.

Following the huge success of the trip to Beervelde in October we had many pleas to do it again. There is a fair twice a year, in Spring and Autumn, so we thought a spring visit would be make a change and have arranged a visit on Saturday 7 May 2016. As you can see in the gallery of images from last October below, everyone enjoyed the day and we returned with a coach full of wonderful plants and very happy gardeners.

Each Beervelde Plant Fair has a different theme. Last autumn it was ‘Japan’ and there were some stands devoted entirely to Japanese plants and others which had a particular Japanese aspect highlighted. Next spring the theme is going to be ‘La Vie en Rose’, which the Beervelde website explains:

‘Because we love all the beautiful things of life we have chosen the theme of ‘ La Vie en Rose ‘. With this theme we give extra attention to roses, the color pink, positive mindset, glee. We view life through rose coloured glasses.’

We hope you’d like to join us to see the Beervelde Plant Fair through rose-coloured glasses!

There are details on how to book in the Winter Newsletter.


Beervelde Gallery

Here are some images taken on our visit last October. As you can see it’s not only plants that are on sale; there are clothes, garden tools, food, pots, bulbs, seeds, garden furniture, antiques and artifacts of all sorts. And all so beautifully arranged it’s a pleasure just to wander and look.

Click on any image to view the gallery and then F11 for a full screen experience.

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