Beervelde Park Plant Fair


Beervelde Park, Ghent, Belgium
Friday 6 October 2017

This event is for members only and must be pre-booked.

As mentioned in the Winter Newsletter, we have organised another trip to the Autumn Plant Fair at Beervelde, which has proved so popular with our members on previous occasions. Please note that this time we will be going on Friday, the first day of the fair, not Saturday as before.
For those who have not been there before, Beervelde is a 50-acre estate, still owned by the family who designed the garden and park in 1873. This makes a beautiful setting for the plant fairs, which attract thousands of visitors from Belgium and other countries, with some 200 nurseries, plus garden design and accessory exhibitors. Plant prices are usually much cheaper than in France or the UK, and often there are varieties which are not yet known over here. Further information can be found on the Beervelde website.

There are full details of times and pick-up points and a booking form in the Spring 2017 Newsletter.

A great day out

Here are some images taken on our visit in October 2015. As you can see it’s not only plants that are on sale; there are clothes, garden tools, food, pots, bulbs, seeds, garden furniture, antiques and artifacts of all sorts. And all so beautifully displayed that it’s a great pleasure just to wander and look.

Click on any image to view the gallery and then F11 for a full screen experience.

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