We love plants! We like looking at them, growing them and talking about them.

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Winter has set in!

The wet and dull weather continues but we can take advantage of the sunny spells to get some planting done and appreciate the beauty still to be found.

There are flowers still hanging on past their season, colourful berries and sparkling evergreens. 

And, of course, lots to look forward to!

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A very happy Christmas 

to all our members and friends

We look forward to seeing you in the new year

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January Meeting

Brian Wickenden, an expert on Corydalis, will tell us all about this fascinating plant including its cultivation and how to naturalise it with other garden plants to best effect.

Garden visit in Fawkham

A visit for members only to a beautiful garden to see a wide variety of snowdrops in the middle of the galanthus season, the ideal time to see these harbingers of spring.

An interesting visit

Take a look at some of the stunning images taken on a visit to an unusual and interesting  garden, with a very wide variety of amazing plants, earlier in the year. 

National Events

There’s lots happening on the HPS national stage. Find out about events throughout the UK in 2020, interesting articles and the special interest groups we can join.

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what’s great about us?


We love plants and they are the focus of all our activities. Members have a very wide range of interest from well-known plants to the rare and exotic, particular genera or plants for specific conditions. We also can’t resist propagating our plants so members can often swap or buy many plants that are difficult to find elsewhere.


Gardening is usually something of a solitary occupation so belonging to a society like ours gives us the opportunity to meet other like-minded people to share our love of plants. Some of us are experts, some are beginners and most of us are somewhere in between but we are all keen to learn more and to share the knowledge we gather.


We arrange events throughout the year. From September to April we have monthly meetings with a talk, plant display, plant, sundries and book sales and seed swap. In all but the depths of winter we organize visits to gardens large and small. Our area groups often arrange other informal events where you can meet fellow members.


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